Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jam Jars and Piggy Banks

What could piggy banks and jam jars possibly have in common? Clear jars are great to have around and store things in; like cotton balls, hair ties, brushes, mascara, etc. But if you go out and buy them you can spend a pretty penny on JARS very quickly. Getting three, you just dropped $45(and you already had some in your refrigerator!) That's right, tare off those labels and give them a good once over in the sink and you have glass jars, of every size, at your fingertips. I use jam jars, pickle jars, salsa jars, you name it! The jars are a great way to clean up all of those little things rolling around in your drawers and cabinets.  So to answer the question; jam jars keep the money in your piggy bank ;)

This is how I use some of my glass jars!
- Hair ties 
- Elastic headbands
- Hair clips
- Mascara
- Make-up brushes

P.S. This is also really great for at work or your desk. Put pens, pencils, markers and things in a jar for a central location for all of your writing utensils. (You can also use tall sturdy glasses)

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